This year’s Humber Mouth takes inspiration from Emily Brontë’s poem ‘No Coward Soul is Mine’. 2018 is a year rich in anniversaries connected to courageous pioneering women. It is 200 years since Emily’s birth and 200 years since the publication of Mary Shelley’s seminal gothic novel Frankenstein. Both women left an enduring literary legacy and challenged the established order. This year also marks a century since women won the right to vote. The women who campaigned, fought and shook the establishment were the epitome of courage.

This year the festival welcomes a guest co-curator. Bonnie Greer is an American-British playwright, novelist, critic and broadcaster who is at the heart of our cultural life. I am delighted that Bonnie has agreed to co-curate the Humber Mouth Festival 2018.

Shane Rhodes 

I am delighted to be co-curating this year’s Humber Mouth Festival with Shane Rhodes, one of Hull’s and Britain’s great creative forces, and to be a part of the Humber Mouth Festival 2018. It is a powerful and beautiful contribution to the nation’s creative life.  

Bonnie Greer