Hull v London – The return leg

Andy Fletcher drops a bomb with a workman’s hut, why questions and a gender bending Mills & Boon – Take that London!

Sughal hits back with exotic expletives, scorched deities, infected parrots and runs away with Round One. She torched God in the first line for Christ’s sake, do you wanna argue with that?

Up next batting for Hull, Vicky Foster. Having raised herself from her sick bed, she smashes it with poetry birds, pictures of parks and bundles of civic pride.

London bends the rules by sending in a shed builder originally from Hull, one Ryan Addison Fletcher recounts a life and death trip to Varanasi, indelibly etched in his memory.

Picture: Jerome Whittingham @Photomoments
Picture: Jerome Whittingham @Photomoments

With everything all square at the half way point, we take a break and mix it up with our new friends. Capital idea.

Responding in the London corner Dave McGowan (In Your Ear) His earwigging one-liners look to have paid off but the tech fail means an own goal, as he snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

Now we’re fielding the left of field Pete Knaggs, opening with cardboard cut-outs, striding out with testicular demands and chasing up the chart with seminal pop rhymes. Nice one Pete!

With the order of play gone awry and the score reading 2-1 to Hull, it’s time for the final match up. We have the globetrotting Mike Watts, punching out a few greatest hits from the streets. It’s Mike off the mic!

London’s last chance to respond to what has been a first class performance, from the home side: it’s all to play for.

With dream destroying monsters in the night, cultural assimilation, a crisis in masculinity, short lived lunar love and living a lie, J.J. Bola knocks it out the park, producing outlawed appreciation, between every poem.

If you have been following carefully you will see it ended up a score draw. That means three points to Humber Mouth… using the classic football pools scoring system.

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